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My favorite part of what I do is seeing it all come together! Watch some of the projects I've had the pleasure of being a part of really come to life with creative and voice.

Animated Character

Enthusiastic, Annoying, Millennial

B2B marketing company Standard Deviation created an animated comedy series to illustrate the messy challenges of marketing. My character, Jen, is a loud, enthusiastic go-getter who's well-meaning, but not always self-aware. 

Enfamil Nutramigen

Warm, comforting friend

Enfamil wanted an empathetic friend and mom to relay the benefits of their anti-colic formula, Nutramigen. We worked together to develop a sound that was warm, comforting, and natural.


70's Newscaster

The YouTube channel Defunctland wanted a newscaster voice that sounded right out of the 1970s to contextualize the significant developments around Epcot in their historical exploration "Journey to EPCOT Center: A Symphonic History."

(Begins at 9:51)   


Athletic, energetic, real-person

To highlight the benefits of their Sport Face Sunscreen, Coppertone needed a voice that sounded like it was in on the action. A sporty, youthful, natural person that's excited about a skin-saver that keeps up with their active lifestyle. 

Medallia x McLaren

Cool, Corporate, Conversational

Medallia needed a professional-yet-cool voice to talk about their data-driven partnership with McLaren.


Laid-back, conversational, professional, millennial

Subaru wanted someone who could make "techy" language sound simple, so we worked together to develop an approachable, but knowledgable voice for their Solterra user guides and "10 Reasons to Love..." video for both 2023 and 2024. 


Sporty, Athletic, Aggressive Female

The NCAA needed a fresh, millennial voice with an athletic feel for radio and TV ads teasing the Women's Final Four in Minneapolis.


Sarcastic, Friendly, Casual, Professional

To inspire people to take advantage of the summer and long weekends by traveling, Samsonite needed a youthful, sarcastic yet friendly voice to narrate tongue-in-cheek out of office emails.


Fun, Confident, Authentic, Energetic

To promote the success of Facebook's dating platform, I provided an energetic, upbeat, fun, sarcastic voice to project confidence and excitement about the results for an awards sizzle video.


Sporty, athletic, attitude, older millennial

G-Tech needed a youthful, but authoritative voice with some edginess and attitude for a promotional social media video featuring their high-quality, customized apparel. 

Yahoo! Together

Friendly, energetic, young adult

To promote the launch of their new app, Yahoo! Together, I worked with Yahoo! to develop a bubbly, youthful-sounding voice for the promotional video used on social media, and in the app store. 


Exciting, relatable, young adult

I'm the voice of YouTube's campaign to promote the movies you can rent or buy on the platform. We worked together to create an upbeat and exciting, yet friendly and relatable delivery for the series of ads running through 2020 and 2021. 


Uplifting, authentic, helpful, girl next door

I've worked with Ibotta on many national TV spots, including a back to school campaign, holiday campaign, and this featured spot promoting their browser extension with a friendly, casual yet energetic young-adult voice.  

Mojo Sports

Believable, animated, announcer

Mojo Sports created an app loaded with premium soccer coaching content, and needed a friendly, informative yet entertaining and engaging female voice for 70+ educational videos. 


Bold, confident, instructional, young adult

I provided a cool, confident, and relatable voice for a series of instructional hair styling videos for Revlon. 


Informative, conversational, genuine, instructor

Google needed an upbeat, knowledgable, yet approachable instructor voice for three videos walking users through their Google Assignments product. 

Giant Foods

Endearing, smiling, soccer mom

To promote their new grab-and-go selection, Giant Foods wanted a "soccer mom" character with an endearing yet energetic, motherly tone.

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