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A demo deep dive:


Let's work together to create a digital course that your audience actually wants to listen to! Whether you need a professional yet engaging tone, or something a little more lighthearted and fun, I offer vocal versatility that can fit any eLearning course.

Need files split, or background music added? You got it. I can provide audio that's ready to drop into your course software or presentation. The demos below are a sample of the post-production  features I offer -- I recorded and mixed them!

Working on Laptop

Conversational & engaging

Copy-heavy content, like mandatory workplace trainings or sales presentations, can feel monotonous. Keep your audience's attention with a voice over that's energetic and engaging, yet still professional!

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Medical & Technical

Scripts with complex terminology can sound clunky and unnatural, losing an audience fast. With a background in science, and years of technical elearning experience, I'll help make your complex script grab attention, and keep it.

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Doctor Using Digital Tablet
Business People Having Fun

Fun & sassy

Sometimes the best training is the anti-training. Keep your audience engaged by throwing them for a loop with a fun, sassy, self-aware tone they can relate to.

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Children's Education

Keeping the attention of a younger audience can be a challenge when it comes to lengthy scripts. Adding age-appropriate inflections and tonality can really help connect with and engage them!

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Learning Together
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